farmersA husband and wife farming team

Upendo Care and Counselling is a non-profit NGO in Mwanza, involved in several projects to alleviate poverty. One third of children in the Mwanza area are malnourished. Land use is inefficient, with many outdated farming practices .

Wabia Network has helped Upendo Care to educate a rural community about the potential nutritional and financial benefits of modernizing their farming practices and growing different crops. We have provided two water pumps for a shared irrigation project.

More info on the Upendo Care website.

The word 'upendo' means 'love' in Swahili, and therefore occurs in the names of many charitable organizations in Tanzania.

Wabia Network provides advice and funding to selected partners in Tanzania.

All activities are initiated and carried out by local people.

Wabia Network is a small charity, entirely funded by donations.