We started our first microcredit scheme in Tanzania in 2008. These schemes provide small loans to women, especially those widowed or living with HIV/AIDS. With supervision, they build up their businesses and repay the loans, being empowered to care for themselves and their children. The capital is repaid and is lent out again to new clients. The interest pays limited operating costs.

happy clientsMicrocredit clients having just received their loans

Our microcredit programme has expanded over the years. By the end of 2016, we had helped our partners in Tanzania to provide over 2,000 small loans to entrepreneurial women.

Tanzania is growing economically, so this is an excellent time to invest in microcredit. It is particularly helpful in smaller communities, where banks provide very limited services.


Wabia Network provides advice and funding to selected partners in Tanzania.

All activities are initiated and carried out by local people.

Wabia Network is a small charity, entirely funded by donations.